about us


CLARK + GREEN INC. is committed to meaningful architectural design. Since 1988, it has applied its design principles to a variety of building types. In addition to residential work, the firm has executed major commercial, institutional and municipal projects. These include the adaptive reuse of an historic building into a mixed-use, six-screen cinema and the conversion of an athletic field house into a multi-use theater complex. The firm relies on strong relationships with consultants supporting the special needs of each project. Collaboration enables Clark & Green to integrate quality design with complex engineering requirements.



Our mission is to create environments that engage the senses, inspire imagination, and provide clarity and a sense of place. Commitment to conceptual logic underlies design that educates, informs and instills a heightened sense of awareness.

Successful design is both an artistic and technical expression responding to client needs within the context of budget, site constraints and regulatory requirements. It is the incorporation of current technologies tempered by a commitment to sustainable materials and systems harnessed by a design concept. This approach applies to all projects no matter what their scale or import.

A clear understanding of program and site are critical to initiate the design process.  A dialogue is organized around client objectives and responses to design concepts. The process is an iterative progression leading to a resolved and optimum design solution. A set of design criteria is essential for client and architect to dispassionately and effectively evaluate, select and refine concepts, ideas and schemes.


Multiple concepts are presented. Through dialogue and sketches, architect and client develop an evaluation process which leads to an agreed-upon design direction. This is refined throughout the process. Multiple possibilities are generated.  Final decision-making is deferred until all information has been gathered and evaluated. 

Hand-sketches, computer-drawn plans, sections, elevations, and 3-D renderings and models are presented. This combination maintains the flexibility, looseness and creativity of hand drawing, while applying the computer appropriately to support communication and ensure accuracy, building a data base for further design phases.


Clark & Green’s practice includes work in the municipal, state and not-for-profit institutional realm. It is characterized by collaboration with building committees, owners’ project managers and construction managers. Our office has experience with numerous public sector and institutional projects throughout Massachusetts and New York State. The office works with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation on numerous projects around the State.